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Reduce Heat

Reduce Glare

Increase Comfort

Reduce Fading

Causes of Fading

Damage caused to hardwood floor.

1. 40% Ultra Violet rays.

UV rays are the leading cause of fading.  All of the films we carry reject 99% of these harmful rays.

2. 25% Heat

We can't take out all of the heat but we can reduce it.  Living in Iowa, winter time heat gain is nice.  Keep this in mind as you select your film.



3. 25% Visible Light

Nobody wants to live in the dark but natural light can damage furnishings.  Choose the type of film that has the most benefits for your type of lifestyle.

4. 10% Miscellaneous

This is the part we can't help with.

Interior lighting, dyes, and other factors play a role in fading as well.

Adding beauty and value to your home

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